Verify your rental home in seconds
We make it simple to find verified rental homes

Over 5.2 million people have fallen prey to rental fraud. It's a big business that nets scammers thousands of dollars per victim and access to personal identification information.

The easiest way to avoid becoming a victim... verify you're talking to the right person.

That's where KARASAI steps in...


KARASAI is a fast, free, and independent verification service that provides you with the name of the owner and property manager of rental homes across the country, so you know you're dealing with the right people.


It's simple...

Found a rental?

If you've found a place you'd like to rent, just search the address to verify the name of the owner or property manager.

Looking for a rental?

We can help with that too. We've gathered and validated listings of rental homes across the country so you can browse confidently knowing each listing is legitimate.


Protecting yourself against rental scams just takes a second. A quick search will help you make sure that you're dealing with the right people and not falling prey to a rental scam.

Verifying with KARASAI is the first step, but there are still other things you should do to protect yourself against scammers.